To believe love isn’t enough is to believe love is a vague, transparent concept.

Photo by Gaspar Uhas on Unsplash

Love is

listening without judgement

open and honest communication

in love, it’s far better to bend than break — Unknown

Love is

apologizing for mistakes, searching for solutions in place of support for a stance

Love is

blind trust


prideless, egoless

Love supports, regardless of the circumstances

Love is

giving what you can, when you can; even if it’s simply a presence

sharing moments of both high and low

seeing and bringing out the best in another

forgiving and accepting imperfection

In a sum,

love is being, unshakably, the strongest version of the self



Vanessa Leanne

Vanessa (n.): Writer, reader, & coffee enthusiast. A lover of 20th century poetry, abstract/contemporary art, & almond croissants at any given moment.