I’ve decided, fairly recently actually, that predictability is boring. To be exact, around 8 o’clock last night. My usual routine of the week strays from nothing but predictability. Week after week, month after month; I mean I’m not complaining, I got a good thing going here & I definitely feel my happiest I’ve been in a while, but as my father has always told me, “variety is the spice of life.” He also tells me “routine is a necessity of life.” Maybe he’s trying to teach me about balance, but- you lost me; too many grey areas that I find myself searching for the black & white of such grey-ness. Okay, okay, I’m losing my train of thought…predictability.

The usual Monday-Wednesday routine of Vanessa Leanne V. consists of going to the gym, writing/reading here & there, & occasionally leaving the house & “accidentally” spending $200…again. My lack of friends makes me feel like I need to buy something every time I leave the house because I think material things will fill the void I possess, not to get all dark on you. Although, if I’m being completely honest, I also lack self discipline quite often when it comes to money, so there’s that. As Thursday’s rolls around, I do yoga & get some coffee as a reward. & the rest of the day, I mope around waiting (& dreading) to get ready for work. Friday’s are the same as Monday-Wednesday, depends on what I’m feeling up to that day. As for Saturday’s & Sunday’s, I usually wake up around 9-ish to go slave my life away at the sports bar I work at. Then Monday comes & the cycle starts all over. Sounds pretty sweet huh?? I’ll be honest, my life is pretty easy, but last night around 8 o’clock, is when I decided I may be going crazy.

Today is Wednesday. I woke up at 5:20 am (the earliest I ever get up is 9 am, so this was a big deal) got dressed, barely brushed my hair, & threw on some mismatch socks to be at yoga by 6 am. Currently, it’s roughly 7:56 am & I am sitting on my back porch with my iced coffee, freezing my ass off by the way, & my notepad to my left, pink pen to my right, & as the sun begins to rise on this January morning in Arizona, I realize that I absolutely value spontaneity. I crave it. & as for now, I live for it. I’ve decided, fairly recently actually, that predictability is boring.



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Vanessa Leanne

Vanessa (n.): Writer, reader, & coffee enthusiast. A lover of 20th century poetry, abstract/contemporary art, & almond croissants at any given moment.